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Round Car Phone Holder

Round Car Phone Holder

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The goal of this car phone holder is simple: To securely hold your phone in place, while you just keep focused on the road.


[Better Vision]

It won't obstruct the field of view, and the navigation and driving are correct. The air outlet is not blocked, and the air-conditioning circulates naturally, which does not affect the heat dissipation of the mobile phone and prevents the mobile phone from getting hot.

[Minimal Installation]

No additional accessories are required, plug and play, suitable for the air outlets of most models on the market.

[Easy To Use]

No need to pinch, one-handed operation, stable when placed, suitable for all (less than 89mm) mobile phone and mobile phone case combinations.

[Stable And No Noise]

Surrounded design, friendly on bumpy roads, driving does not shake, stable and no abnormal noise, no longer have to worry about the phone falling off.

[Practical And Lightweight]

Say goodbye to the heavy body, compact, lightweight, practical and generous.


Material: Aluminum alloy + silicone + plastic

Size: 89 x 48 mm

Support Thickness: 11 mm

Support Screen Width: ≤ 89 mm

Product Compatibility: Support most large-screen mobile phones

Package Includes: 1 x Round Car Phone Holder

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Round Car Phone Holder
Dhs. 78.00