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Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector

Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector

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Meet our Superior Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector - your ideal solution for outdoor and indoor electrical installations.

Engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it ensures optimal performance and high-grade safety for all your electrical connections.

Improve the longevity and reliability of your outdoor lighting, power tools operating under water, and other electronic appliances with our top-quality electrical wire connectors.


ADVANCED WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY - Ensures absolute protection against water and moisture, suitable for all outdoor usage.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION - Made with high-performance materials that guarantee durable and reliable connections.

SAFETY ASSURED - Engineered to resist high temperatures and low temperatures and prevent short circuits, ensuring the safety of your connections.

EASY INSTALLATION - Designed for quick installation of both Regular and Upgrade, ensuring hassle-free setup. The Upgrade is painless to install by pressing.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with a wide range of wire types and sizes for your convenience.


Current: 32A

Voltage: 450V

Applicable Temperature: -40℃-95℃

Types: Regular2-2,Regular3-3,Upgrade2-2,Upgrade3-3

Range Of Connecting Wires: Hard Wire 0.8-4mm2 & Flexible Wire 0.8-2.5mm2, Hard Wire 0.8-4mm& Flexible Wire 0.8-2.5mm2,Hard Wire 0.2-4mm& Flexible Wire 0.2-2.5mm2, Hard Wire 0.2-4mm& Flexible Wire 0.2-2.5mm2


1.Twist open the two caps.

2.Connect the two ends of the wire to each other. 

3.Connect the wire.

4.Tighten the two ends.


1 * Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector


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Outdoor Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector
Dhs. 159.00