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🔥BUY 3 FREE 2🔥Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent

🔥BUY 3 FREE 2🔥Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent

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  • Powerful Function: It can quickly dissolve pipe blockages such as hair, paper, soap scum, vegetables, fruits, food residue, grease, meat, and organic matter.
  • Damage-free: It won't damage the glazed surface, drains, pipes, septic system, or other drain pipes made from iron, copper, stainless steel, iron, plastic, PVC, etc. But remember, do not use it in aluminum products as it reacts with aluminum. 

  • Deodorization and Bacteriostasis: Strong dissolving dirt, quick dredging, deodorizing, and inhibiting bacteria growth.

  • Wide Application: Great for kitchen sinks, washbasins, toilets, floor drains, and so on.


  • Net weight: 110g
  • Shelf year: 3 years


  • 1 x Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent
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🔥BUY 3 FREE 2🔥Powerful Pipe Dredging Agent
Dhs. 119.00