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🔥Door Resistance Anti-Theft Alarm(for your safety)

🔥Door Resistance Anti-Theft Alarm(for your safety)

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⚡90% of customers choose to buy more than 5 to ensure the safety of their families!

Keep intruders out, one step closer to safety!

It's better to have security measures in your home to prevent unforeseen events. Trust is hard to come by in today's world, especially with the growing numbers of burglars breaking into homes without the owner's knowledge or consent. People who live alone and have no one at home to rely on are at risk due to this circumstance.

This alarm can be placed by the door, so it goes off if the door is slammed in any way. The homeowner will then be notified of the situation. With its loud sound, you'll hear it immediately, and intruders in your home will start to panic and flee as soon as they hear it. A alarm like this can protect your home and loved ones.


Anti-slip - Some door stops slide away when the door opens and have no effect. But this door stop is different from your usual stop; its anti-slip design ensures it stays where you put it, guaranteeing it goes off when the door is opened in your absence.

Easy to operate - No installation is required. To turn it on, there's a switch at the back of this gadget. You can set the sensitivity level at any time between three different settings: low, medium, and high.

Can be door stopper - Apart from alerting you if someone tries to break into your home, it can also prevent the door from opening. So, it serves a dual purpose: preventing the door from opening when you don't want to be disturbed or preventing intruders from entering your home.

Powerful sound - Opening the door will activate the alarm to alert you, as it has a very distinctive sound that will help wake up and alert everyone in your home.

Portable - Being wireless, you can place it anywhere. You absolutely must check off this item from your list of things to carry with you. It's better to be prepared and prevent unexpected events.


Color: Black silver

Material: ABS, stainless steel

Size: 13.9 x 0.4 x 3.9 cm

Package Includes:

1/3/5 x Home Security Door Stop Alarm

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🔥Door Resistance Anti-Theft Alarm(for your safety)
Dhs. 125.00