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Messy Ponytail Clip Extends Hair

Messy Ponytail Clip Extends Hair

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Create instant volume with our Top Knot Ponytail holder. Perfect for creating that stunning updo or messy bun, without a trip to the salon. The Top Knot gives you endless style options, giving you the freedom to rock your bun at the crown of your head or the nape of your neck. This ponytail holder effortlessly blends in with your hair and can be restyled - it's a must have!

The premium quality synthetic hairs are securely attached to an elastic band for an easy and comfortable wear.

Color Matching: Don't be afraid to go a shade lighter or darker than your hair, take into consideration your hair coloring at its roots and ends, along with any highlights! Have fun with it!

  • Handmade

  • Easy Returns

  • 100% Guarantee

  • Adjustable Sizing

  • Stretchy

  • Newly customized to fit adults and children 3 & up

Please keep in mind that all of our braids are handmade and individually unique therefore no two braids will look the same. Slight variations should be expected.

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Messy Ponytail Clip Extends Hair
Dhs. 109.00