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Multipurpose Oxalic Acid Stain Removal Cleaner

Multipurpose Oxalic Acid Stain Removal Cleaner

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Restore Your Toilet's Sparkling Cleanliness


Achieve a gleaming, stain-free toilet with our Multipurpose Oxalic Acid Stain Removal Cleaner. This powerful and versatile cleaner is specifically formulated to eliminate tough stains, mineral deposits, and rust marks, leaving your toilet bowl sparkling and sanitary.



OXALIC ACID FORMULA: The cleaner contains oxalic acid, a potent stain remover that effectively dissolves and lifts stubborn toilet stains, such as rust, hard water deposits, mineral buildup, urine, and more.

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING: In addition to toilet bowls, this cleaner can be used on various bathroom surfaces, including sinks, tiles, floors, glass doors, basins, toilet glaze, and mirror, making it a versatile solution for your bathroom cleaning needs.

EASY APPLICATION: The user-friendly design allows for easy and precise application under the rim and inside the bowl, ensuring thorough coverage for effective stain removal.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Despite its potent cleaning power, this oxalic acid cleaner is safe to use when following instructions and precautions, ensuring that it won't harm your surfaces.

FRESH FRAGRANCE: Enjoy a clean and refreshing fragrance that leaves your bathroom smelling pleasant after each use.


Net: 300ml


1 * Multipurpose Oxalic Acid Stain Removal Cleaner

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Multipurpose Oxalic Acid Stain Removal Cleaner
Dhs. 139.00