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🚗👍Car wheel cleaning agent

🚗👍Car wheel cleaning agent

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The ultimate solution for sparkling clean car wheels

This effective and powerful formula is specially designed to remove stubborn dirt, rust and brake dust, making your wheels look like new again.

Say goodbye to scrubbing and hours spent trying to clean your wheels. Our Car Wheel Cleaner makes cleaning simple and easy. Its powerful formula penetrates deep into dirt and grime, breaking it up and removing it without damaging your wheels.



POWERFUL CLEANING FORMULA: Dissolves and removes tough brake dust, grease, rust and road grime, easily restoring the shine to your wheels.

SAFE FOR ALL TYPES OF WHEELS: Suitable for all types of wheels, including aluminium, chrome, painted and clear-coated wheels, without causing damage or corrosion.


EASY TO USE: Simply spray the cleaner onto the wheels, leave for a few minutes to loosen dirt, then agitate with a brush or sponge before rinsing for a brilliant finish.

FAST ACTION: Designed to work fast and save time and effort when cleaning your wheels, so you can enjoy a spotless finish with minimum effort.


Fillet : 120 ml

Weight: 154g

Size: 15*4,5 cm/ 5,9"* 1,77"


1 * car wheel cleaner


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    🚗👍Car wheel cleaning agent
    Dhs. 119.00