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⏳Electric Knife Sharpener

⏳Electric Knife Sharpener

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Fed up with manual knife sharpener?

The new version electric knife sharpener is coming!!! No need to be exhausted with sharpening the knife any more, just put it on this electric knife sharpener, no longer need any other energy, all is done.

Fast sharpening in 5 seconds

If you need to use knife in emergency or don't want waste time in sharpening, this knife sharpening kit can perfectly meet your needs with its efficient work, because it has a high-power motor which can provide stable power output, makes the sharpener with continuous and efficient work, provide a great convenient condition for cooking.

Multiple functions in one

You don't only can sharpen the knife on both sides, which solves the problem that most people's left hand is not flexible in sharprning, but also can sharpen the scissors in the dedicated sharpening slot. 

With protective cover, safe to use

Prevent metal scraps from splashing and hurting people when sharpening knife, fully consider the safety of users, especially when the child accidentally touches the switch.

Make high-quality product with heart

Sweet round corners, will not hurt fingers, we are careful for analysis of customer needs and safety during design.

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⏳Electric Knife Sharpener
Dhs. 129.00