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Gel eyeliner with shimmering colour

Gel eyeliner with shimmering colour

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This eye pencil has been designed to provide intense colour with a unique colour changing effect that will add a touch of sparkle and dimension to your eyes and make your eyes stand out from the crowd. Elevate the quality of your makeup with our glossy and vibrant eye pencil.


COLOUR CHANGING CAMELEON EFFECT - As light dances on your eyelids, shades elegantly shift and evolve to add depth and dimension to your eye makeup. This versatile eyeliner effortlessly adapts to different lighting conditions, ensuring that your eyes attract attention wherever you are.

SMOOTH GEL TEXTURE - Easily and precisely transform your everyday look. The gel-textured eyeliner glides smoothly onto the lash line, making application quick and easy and the result flawless every time.

PRECIOUS APPLICATION - Thanks to the retractable design, the eyeliner maintains a sharp point without the need for sharpening. Precise and intricate eye make-up effortlessly.

WATER-RESISTANT AND SMUDGE-RESISTANT - Proof, Long-Lasting - Delicate gel texture is waterproof and smudge-proof for a captivating look that lasts for hours. It stays glossy all day without unnecessary smudging or creasing.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL APPLICATION - This eyeliner effortlessly transitions from eyeliner to eyeshadow, offering endless chameleon eye makeup possibilities.


Colour: 01#,02#,03#,05#,06#



1 * Gel eyeliner with shimmering colour


It is recommended to rotate 3 mm as much as you need. The nib is soft and smooth to avoid breakage.

Colour may not look as accurate as in real life due to differences between computer monitors.

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Gel eyeliner with shimmering colour
Dhs. 129.00