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Clip-on Wavy Ponytail Extension ✈️ Free Shipping

Clip-on Wavy Ponytail Extension ✈️ Free Shipping

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Transform your hairstyle effortlessly!

Say goodbye to time-consuming styling and hello to instant glamour. This extension adds volume, length, and texture to your ponytail, ensuring a head-turning look for any occasion.


NATURAL WAVY TEXTURE - Embrace the beauty of natural-looking waves. The extension seamlessly blends with your hair, providing an undetectable and effortlessly chic appearance.

HEAT-RESISTANT SYNTHETIC FIBER - Crafted from high-quality synthetic fiber, our ponytail extension is heat-resistant, enabling you to use styling tools to further customize your look.

SECURE FIT & COMFORT - The clip-on design ensures a secure grip without discomfort. Enjoy a stable and comfortable fit throughout the day without worrying about slipping or readjusting.

INSTANT VOLUME & LENGTH - Add instant volume and length to your ponytail without the need for salon visits or complex styling routines. Elevate your look with minimal effort.


Material: Heat-resistant synthetic fiber

Attachment: Secure clip-on mechanism


1 * Clip-on Wavy Ponytail Extension


Gently brush the extension to maintain its wavy texture.

Remove before sleeping to prolong the extension's lifespan.

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Clip-on Wavy Ponytail Extension ✈️ Free Shipping
Dhs. 139.00