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Wishing you a happy Ramadan 馃寵 Big discounts 馃巵 Clear Waterproof Seal Liquid

Wishing you a happy Ramadan 馃寵 Big discounts 馃巵 Clear Waterproof Seal Liquid

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Protect and preserve your surfaces

Provides a transparent and effective barrier

Prevents water damage and ensures long-lasting protection

Learn about the benefits of our clear waterproof sealants

INVISIBLE PROTECTION: Our clear waterproof sealant provides a clear decorative surface, allowing the natural beauty of your surface to shine through while still being waterproof. Retain the original appearance without compromising protection.

-Reliable Water Resistance: With our advanced formula,
You can trust our clear waterproof sealant to create a reinforced waterproof barrier,
Avoid the worry of dry damage leaks and stains

Versatile Application: Our clear waterproof sealant works on a variety of surfaces,
Includes texture, concrete, masonry and more. Can be used on patios, fence stairways or any outdoor or indoor area requiring waterproofing

EASY APPLICATION AND MAINTENANCE: Applying our clear waterproof sealant is a breeze. The user-friendly formula allows for worry-free application, and the low-maintenance properties ensure long-lasting protection with no readjustment required.

路Product name: Transparent waterproof sealant
路Treatment surface: transparent/transparent
路Capacity: 100ml
路Brush: included
路Application: Suitable for various surfaces
路Waterproof: Forms a reinforced barrier to prevent water penetration
路Usability: Very suitable for use on wood, concrete, masonry, etc.
路Maintenance: Low-maintenance formula provides long-lasting protectio


路1/2/4 pieces of transparent waterproof sealant + 1* brush


  • Preparation: Apply clear waterproof sealant, making sure the surface is clean, dry and free of any debris or existing coating.
    路Application: Follow product instructions and correctly understand application techniques. According to the recommended construction method, use brushes,
    Disk or sprayer to apply a consistent layer.
    路 Drying time: Before exposing treated surfaces to moisture or heavy use, follow the rules in the product instructions.
    Be sure to allow sufficient drying time. Avoid contact with water during drying.
    路Additional subsequent coatings: Depending on the level of protection, multiple coats may be required. Allow each layer to
    The coating is completely dry.
    路LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Our clear waterproof sealant provides long-lasting, long-lasting protection against water damage. However
    Periodic maintenance and re-application may be required over time, depending on environmental factors and usage
    路Safety Precautions: Wear protective gloves and ensure proper ventilation when handling product. Read and be protected by the manufacturer
    all safety instructions.
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Wishing you a happy Ramadan 馃寵 Big discounts 馃巵 Clear Waterproof Seal Liquid
Dhs. 109.00