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Car door opener reminder device

Car door opener reminder device

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The car door reminder device is installed in the inner door handle of the car and sets off a soft alarm when the door is opened, reminding the user to be careful of oncoming traffic.


Mild AL ARM - The device is installed in the inside door handle of the car and triggers the alarm when the handle is held down to open the door. It sends a language message: "Look out for a car coming from behind".

LIGHT INDICATOR - Equipped with a 7-colour light indicator that synchronises with the voice messages. The light automatically switches off in 2 minutes to save battery power.

REAR SAFETY REMINDER - The primary function of the device is to remind drivers and passengers to prioritise rear safety when exiting the car and opening the doors, reducing the risk of road accidents.

ENVIRONMENT ADAPTATION PROGRAM - The device has an environment adaptation programme that adjusts to different environmental conditions. It can detect objects at a maximum distance of 5 cm, ensuring reliable detection.

EASY INSTALLATION AND UNIVERSALITY - The device is easy to install and can be used with most car models. Simply stick the base of the device to the inside door handle of the car. Thanks to its USB charging capability, it can be effortlessly removed for charging at any time.


Size: 59 * 27 * 10 mm

Colour: black

Input voltage: 5V

Material: ABS

Lighting time: 2 minutes

Suitable for vehicle models: Universal

Detection distance: 5 cm


Car door opener reminder * 1

Charging cable * 1

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Car door opener reminder device
Dhs. 119.00